Network Construction with Transparent Project Control and Monitoring of Budgets

Integrated Support of Processes for Planning, Construction and Surveying

Lovion products for network construction offer integrated processing of tasks for planning, project development and construction of supply - and disposal networks including the sub-process of surveying and its documentation within one and the same medium. Technical data of networks, plants and meters, which are administrated in Lovion BIS, form the basis for the control of processes. Specialized products are offered for each of the sub-processes of planning, calculation and surveying. Process modules can be used independently, the particular strength of the system lies in the interoperability of all products. Lovion BIS realizes the technical view on processes, business processes can be carried out by close integration with an ERP system (e.g. SAP).


Transparent Project Control Including Status-, Time and Budget Monitoring

The product Lovion PROJECT is the core component to control processes. It serves to administrate all measures from planning via coordination to creation of a digital construction file. The status of processes, together with ensuring the keeping of time frames, is transparent at all times. Through integration of a business system, continuous monitoring of budgets is possible.

Smart Aids for Planning and Calculation

The product Lovion DESIGN serves to create drawings during the process of planning and project development. The focus is on simple and intuitive user guidance. If required, external data, such as DXF drawings and areal views, can be accessed. Lovion COSTING can automatically perform a calculation based on allocated operating resources.


Unified Work Management for all Processes

A unified control of processes is achieved by the central solution Work Management for all solutions. Thereby, a transparent view on staff allocated, resources and third party service providers is possible. Additionally, a unified view on budget monitoring for network construction, network operation, network connection and metering services can be provided.

Main Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations form the basis for product development for network construction (mostly only available in German):

  • W 400-1 (TRWV) Planung
  • W 400-2 (TRWV) Bau und Prüfung
  • FW 401 - Teil 12 Verlegung u. Statik von KMR
  • HOAI
  • W 300 Wasserspeicherung - Planung und Bau
  • G 492 Gasmessanlagen bis 100 bar, Planung
  • G 459-1 Gas service lines for operating pressures up to 4 bar; design and construction"
  • GW 12 Planung, Errichtung von KKS-Anlagen

Important Features

  • Connection to SAP system via cost collectors such as order or PSP element
  • Monitoring of budgets, time and status of measures
  • Digital construction file including all documents
  • Graphical planning and calculation
  • Interface to AVA systems via GAEB standard
  • Planning of own and third party staff with a GANTT diagram
  • Time management across departments by means of tasks
  • Administration of frequently used material combinations
  • Administration of technical resources (e.g. excavators, welding equipment)
  • Mobile processing on smartphones, tablets and laptops
  • Reporting of times and material
  • Surveying solutions within one and the same medium