Network Connections Enquiries of Supply - Planning - Construction - Accounting

The Process of Getting Connected to a Network via Internet Portal and with a digital grid connection documentation

The network connection solution in Lovion BIS offers a unified approach to planning, project development and construction of network connections. The process of preparing a network connection involves many internal and external parties that deliver and require process data. The system ensures an uninterrupted flow of information between the energy supplier, its customers and contracted fitters. All data provided are transferred into the system without disruption in media and are available to all relevant sub-processes. Products can be used individually, the strength of the solution lies in the interoperability of the products.


Transparent Control

The central component for control of processes is the product Lovion CONSUMER which administrates applications for supply and follow-on projects from planning via coordination to the start of operations in a digital follow-on file. The status of processes as well as keeping of time frames is always visible. Additionally, all involved parties are accompanied through the process by plausibility checks, which inform the energy supplier about pending processes or missing data required to continue the process. To cite an example, the end customer might not have placed the order so that the construction process cannot be started. In addition to technical processes the system allows management of business processes. Integration of a business system with Lovion ERP CONNECT provides a means of, for instance, placing an SAP order and sending invoices to customers.

Customer Portal for Supply Queries

The product  Lovion PORTAL neatly links into webpages of network suppliers to handle supply queries. As an alternative to traditional applications by post, customers can place an application for supply online, possible through this technology. Input into dynamic forms is simple and flexible whereby interdependencies between input fields is taken into account, e.g. intended use of an object, cost unit and landowner. Should important information be missing, the portal informs the customer so that plausible data are recorded; relevant documents can be uploaded. Interlinking with the module Lovion CONSUMER allows to transfer the data without disruption in media for further processing of the network connection.


Portal for Installation Technicians for operational Launch

Bringing a plant into operation requires perfect communication between the energy supplier and installation technicians. Error-free and quick processing of an application to launch operations leads to a reduction in cost and time as well as increased customer satisfaction - which is where the Lovion portal for fitters comes into play. The portal serves to apply for installations, modifications/extension or launch of operations. Online applications include mandatory - and dynamic fields. Thereby, an error-free input is guaranteed, and fitters are guided through the input process. Additionally, time management of commissioning can be administrated via the fitters' portal. Applicants put in a desired target date and receive instant feedback whether the target data is possible or not. Feedback can be given either directly in the portal or by e-mail to the fitter. Also, the fitter can make use of an upload function, it serves among others to upload the fitters' identification cards to check licensing during the registration process. üfen.

Main Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations form the basis for product development of network connections (only some are available in German):

  • DIN 1988 Codes of practice for drinking water installations
  • DIN 18012 House service connections facilities - Principles for planning
  • DVGW-G 459-1 and -2 Gas Service Lines
  • DVGW-W 404 Wasseranschlussleitungen
  • DVGW G 469 Pressure testing methods for gas transmission/gas distribution

Important Characteristics

  • Digital follow-on file of house network connection
  • Work flow based on tasks
  • Monitoring of budgets, times and status
  • Complete process from application to documentation
  • Supply enquiries via an internet portal
  • Automatic plausibility test of form entries
  • Follow-on projects across divisions at a glance
  • All within the same medium and transparent
  • Interface to SAP