Network Connection Supply Enquiries - Planning - Construction - Billing

Network Connection Process via the Internet and with digital documentation

The network connection solution in Lovion BIS offers a unified approach for planning, developing and constructing network connections. The process of preparing a network connection involves many internal and external parties. Each of them deliver and require process data. The system ensures a smooth data flow between energy supplierscustomers and contracted technicians. All transmitted data is entered into one system without media breaks. This data is available for all relevant sub-processes. Individual products can also be used self-sufficiently. The strength of the solution lies in the interoperability of individual products.


Transparent Control

Lovion CONSUMER is the central component for monitoring and managing the network connection process. This includes planning, development and construction work. These processesing steps are documented digitally. Furthermore, the processing status and deadlines for network connections can be monitored. All involved parties are guided through the connection process via plausibility checks. As a result, utility companies are informed about pending processes or missing data. For example, the end customer might not have placed the order yet, meaning that construction work cannot commence. Next to technical processes, the system also supports business processes. Integrating a business system via Lovion ERP CONNECT means that SAP orders can be created and invoices are sent to customers.

Customer Portal for Connection Queries

Connection queries are managed in the product Lovion PORTAL. The Portal can be smoothly integrated into the utility company's webpage. This technology enables customers to apply for a connection online instead of using conventional post. Entering data into dynamic forms is easy and flexible. In addition, interdependencies between input fields are taken into account when entering data, e.g. intended object use, cost unit and landowner. If important information is missing, the customer is notified via the portal to ensure that plausible data is recorded and relevant documents are uploaded. By linking this solution to the module Lovion CONSUMER, data can be transferred without media breaks, simplifying the network connection process.


Portal for Installation Technicians and operational Launch

Bringing a connection into operation requires perfect communication between the energy supplier and installation technicians. A flawless and quick application process reduces costs, time and increases the customer satisfaction. This is where the Lovion PORTAL for technicians plays a major role. The portal is designed to process installation applications, modifications/extensions and to coordinate the operational launch. Online applications include mandatory and dynamic fields. As a result, correct data entries are guaranteed whilst technicians are guided through the application process. Additionally, the appointment for the connection activation can be managed in the INSTALLER PORTAL. Applicants can enter a desired date and receive a reply whether the date is available. The technician's reply is either forwarded in the portal or by email. The technicican can also use the upload function. This function is used to upload identification cards and to ensure that the license is valid during the registration process.

Main Rules and Regulations

Product development for the network connection process is based on the following rules and regulations (only a few are available in German):

  • DIN 1988 Technical Rules for Drinking Water Installations
  • DIN 18012 House Connections - General Planning Regulations
  • DVGW-G 459-1 and -2 Gas Connections
  • DVGW-W 404 Water Connections
  • DVGW G 469 Pressure Testing Methods for Gas Transmission/Distribution

Important Characteristics

  • Digital network connection file
  • Task-based workflow
  • Budget, time and status monitoring
  • Complete process from application to documentation
  • Connection enquiries via the internet portal
  • Automatic data plausibility checks
  • Overview of all connection projects for all divisions
  • No media breaks and high transparency
  • SAP Interface

Project Reports