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Lovion VIEW - Enquiries

As a central component of the platform, Lovion VIEW is an ideal tool to work with asset data in a uniform environment, both mobile and in the intranet. The intuitive interface enables an implementation without extensive training.

As one of the client's basic modules, Lovion VIEW offers all necessary functions required for simple mobile and intranet enquiries. The following functions are available in the basic modules:

Basic Functions

  • Address navigation
  • Land parcel navigation
  • Object navigation
  • GPS navigation
  • Theme management
  • Viewing bookmarks
  • Printing

Analysis Functions

  • Network tracing
  • Measuring functions
  • Redlining
  • Object editor
  • Data queries

Plot Functions

The growing distribution of Lovion BIS as an intranet enquiry system has increased the importance of plot functions. Lovion BIS uses native print drivers that are already available in the operating system. Furthermore, various predefined and individual plotting templates are supported. The plots can be created in portrait and landscape format. In addition, they are scalable and can be rotated.

The multi-theme plot enables numerous themes to be printed out in one procedure. By using the serial printing function, boarders can automatically be defined for a route. Furthermore, overlapping percentages as well as the direction of boarders can be configured.

Map data is extracted in Lovion BIS via themes (for example, containing a base map and a low and medium pressure gas layer). Themes are aggregations of various layers where a distinction is made between the foreground (dynamic data within Lovion) and background (master data).

Enquiries via Attribute Data and Maps

Lovion EXPLORE is available for enquiries and the analysis of attribute data. This module offers an object list as well as a tree visualization depicting the object structure. Attribute data for each object is displayed in the integrated editor and graphic data is displayed in the integrated graphics window.

The order and visibility of columns in lists can be adjusted individually. Furthermore, rows can be grouped according to individual data entries. With the help of the sum function, calculations can be carried out for numeric columns.

Synchronising Mobile Devices via LAN/WLAN

Lovion SYNC is used to synchronise mobile data with the central server. Mobile data is used on notebooks or workstations where a connection to the Lovion server is not available. Analogue to Lovion GEO CONNECT, all data can be synchronised. Afterwards, only modified data is synchronised.

Lovion SYNC is a module used on mobile devices that manages updated graphic and attribute data in the local Lovion repository. In addition, the backflow of all information such as modified attribute data, redlinings, survey data, work data (TASK) or notifications is administered with this tool. The synchronisation can be carried out manually by the user or automatically through a service. In this case, the synchronisation is done automatically as soon as the device is connected to the company network.

As a result, daily work is more convenient as the synchronisation occurs in the background. The user is not required to take any action and knows that the most recent data is available. Furthermore, synchronisation times are reduced dramatically.

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