Lovion PORTAL Client

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Lovion PORTALS for Customers and Service Providers

The following Portals based on the Lovion Web Application Server (LWAS) are available:

Enquiries Portal

The DVGW and VDN have developed rules and regulations for utility companies to issue enquiries. These rules and regulations are defined in the GW 118 and S 118 rulebooks and have been implemented in the Lovion MAPS PORTAL. This product enables utility companies to perform a non-discriminatory enquiry via the internet. Target groups, who usually request these enquiries, are construction companies and planning offices. These enquiries can be executed in the Lovion MAPS PORTAL. The Lovion MAPS Client can also be integrated into the company's existing internet presence. Graphic elements in the product's layout, for example logos, are easily replaceable to adapt to the company's corporate design. The handling of Lovion MAPS is designed to be used without prior training by the customer.

Network Connection Portal

The Lovion CONSUMER PORTAL is used to communicate with the customer who applies for a house connection. It is possible to integrate HTML pages into the company's website and to adopt the company's corporate design. Step by step, the applicant of the house connection is guided through the application process. Afterwards, recorded data is encrypted and transmitted to the server. The application is then processed in Lovion CONSUMER.

Service Provider Portal

External service providers can access tasks via the Lovion TASK PORTAL. Tasks, which are dispatched to service providers via Lovion DISPATCH, can be viewed and edited in HTML pages. Only tasks and information that are assigned to the service provider are accessible and editable using an encrypted password.

Installation Technician Portal

The browser-based module Lovion INSTALLER PORTAL is a software solution that supports the license processing of service providers and third party companies. After the process is completed successfully, they are added to the installation technician directory. All processing steps, from the application to the verification by the network operator as well as the renewal of licenses, are possible in the portal and enable an efficient and direct communication between service providers and the responsible utility companies.