Lovion APP Client mobile Software Solutions

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Basic Lovion APP Client Functions

The demand for quick and easy deployable maps and data on smartphones and tablets is gaining importance in various fields. In addition to easy access to company network data in geographic or business information systems, a growing number of work processes have to be supported that are largely carried out in the field. With Lovion APP SERVICES, a component of the Lovion WEB product series, a special server platform for mobile processes is deployed.

Apps for Android and iOS

Supplementary mobile applications with access to maps and specialist data are available for common smartphone and tablet operating systems via Lovion APP SERVICES. In return, these services can connect to different customer services and are accessible without the user noticing. Not only can data be viewed via these services, but is also editable and can be saved. For example, a defect recorded using the GPS receiver is documented with camera photos. These photos are saved in a document management system and automatically linked to the georefenced defect.

QR Codes

Assets can be identified and integrated into processes using QR codes (Quick Response Code). Their superlative handling, easy usability as well as numerous sensors such as GPS, camera and location tools support modern smartphones via mobile Apps through the Lovion APP SERVICES. Various on site tasks for network management are carried out.

Basic Functions

  • Address navigation
  • Land parcel navigation
  • Object navigation
  • GPS navigation
  • Theme navigation
  • Viewing bookmarks

Analyses Functions

  • Measuring functions
  • Redlining
  • Object editors
  • Attibute data searches

Modular Design & offline Capabilities

The modular design of the Lovion APP, similar to Lovion BIS, enables products to be selected individually and special features to be added flexibly. In addition, an offline mechanism has been developed to access data without a network connection.

Easy Handling

  • Status bar - The status bar (time, reception, battery etc.) is also available in the Lovion APP.
  • Navigation - The clear menu is permanently accessible via the "Hamburger" icon in the header.
  • User interface - The visualisztion of the intuitive user interface adapts to the device.
  • Options - The Lovion APP can be configured and adjusted to individual requirements.


The Lovion APP can be deployed on android or iOS smartphones and tablets. For example, the APP can be comfortably installed via the Apple app store. The easy to use APP interface adjusts to individual screen sizes (responsive). For optimal results, a resolution of at least 360px x 640px is advised.