Integration of Data, Systems and Processes

Transparent Interfaces as Core Elements of the Plattform

The business information Lovion BIS serves as central system for network operators to cover all business processes within one medium. Processes require data from different sources, e.g. business data from an ERP system or technical data from a GIS system.


The Users' View

Users require a unified user guidance without change in system, applications and user interfaces for an optimal support of processes. Therefore, the direct and seamless integration into existing system landscapes is the main goal of the architecture and essential requirement of the business information system. The focus is on users. Lovion demands from itself to provide all users with optimally prepared data for each process.

Integration at System - and Data Level

IT systems must at all times guarantee correctness and integrity of data. Therefore, Lovion does not regard integration as a third party solution but as essential part of its own product strategy. The integration platform of Lovion BIS is flexibly extendible and can be tailored to the requirements of a project. Direct access to data or integration of a replica into Lovion is of particular importance to give users equal access to primary data maintained in the Lovion system itself as well as secondary data from third party systems.

Integration at Process Level

Organizational structures of network operators vary depending on size and mission. Typically, a distinction is made between Asset Owner, Asset Management and Asset Service, which are sometimes run by different companies. All areas require execution of a multitude of processes that are usually:

  • Strategic and operative asset management
  • Economic planning (budgeting)
  • Controlling (costs, times and quality)
  • Documentation / administration of technical resources
  • Planning, construction and maintenance
  • Operation, maintenance, fault clearance, planning of switch-off
  • Work scheduling and disposition
  • Execution of tasks (mobile online- and offline)
  • Connection services (customer portal)
  • Metering services and measuring services
  • Management of external staff / service providers

Since most business processes cover both, economic as well as technical processes, their execution requires cross-system compatibilities. The Lovion system offers optimized standard products for different areas based on a unified user guidance within a single system. The high integration capabilities of the system ensure a secure and transparent flow of information back to third party systems integrated into Lovion.

Interfaces to Prevalent IT Systems

Lovion BIS offers interfaces to a large number of systems some of which are listed below:

  • ERP (Enterprise Ressource Planning) – e.g. SAP, Schleupen, Wilken
  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems) – e.g. Smallworld, ESRI, GISMobil
  • FME Integration plattfrom
  • Web – e.g. OGC services (WMS / WFS), SOAP services
  • CAD (Computer-Aided Design) – DWG, DXF
  • Switching control (SCADA) – PSIcontrol, HIGH-LEIT, Siemens Control System
  • Microsoft OFFICE – Word, Excel, Outlook (Exchange)
  • DMS (Document Management System) – All prevalent systems
  • AVA (bids, award of contract and accounting) – GAEB format