Enquiries in Intranet, Internet and on the Move

Integrated View on GIS and SAP for Networks, Plants and Meters

Our software solution Lovion BIS offers a unified platform for providing access to data via the internet, intranet and on mobile devices. The high level of integration enables data to be accessed simultaneously from various source systems such as SAP (e.g. plants and meters) and GIS (e.g. technical resources in networks). Additionally, all data maintained within Lovion is also accessible.



Users have quick and easy access to all relevant data in the modules Lovion VIEW (map-based queries) and Lovion EXPLORE (integrated view on graphical and technical data). In addition to static technical resources, current information on outages, damages, planned measures and projects is also available.

Mobile Queries (online and offline)

Mobile access to current data is possible via the internet. All mainstream operating systems, namely Windows, Android and iOS, are supported. Data in Lovion BIS can also be used offline, as uninterrupted internet access is not always guaranteed. This is supported by the system's replication technology.

Online Map-based Queries in Line with GW 118 Regulations

Lovion MAPS offers map-based queries via the internet and in line with GW 118 regulations. The module provides a complete solution for processing and archiving map-based queries via a browser. The Lovion MAPS client was developed in HTML and can be easily integrated into the company's existing internet presence.

  • Complete query solutions via the intranet, internet and on the move
  • Integrated view on SAP and GIS data
  • Sophisticated printing functions such as serial- and multi-theme printing
  • Easy-to-handle redlining functions
  • Mobile offline solutions for Windows, Android and iOS equipment
  • Internet map-based queries in line with GW 118 regulations
  • Flexible definition of reports for geometric and technical equipment
  • Colourful theme maps based on selected reports
  • Topological analysis and network tracing
  • Integration into Microsoft Office for producing Excel documents and serial letters
  • OGC standards WMS and WFS are supported

Project Reports