Efficient Data-Capturing and Quality Assurance

The software Lovion BIS not only integrates data from external systems such as GIS and SAP, but also offers the opportunity to capture and cultivate data. It is not only important for grid operators to efficiently acquire data, but also to inspect data quality in order to fulfil set requirements of the DVGW Arbeitsblatt GW130. Lovion products which form a solution for documentation, achieve these conditions and offer the following portfolio:

Lösung für Dokumentation

Lovion SURVEY Surveying and Documentation without Media Breaks

With the product Lovion SURVEY, Lovion BIS offers a solution specially tailored to mobile outdoor conditions of surveyors. The product supports all measuring procedures and enables data to be transmitted into the central geoinformation system without media breaks.

Lovion MEASURE Quality Assurance Management for Documentation in line with the GW130 Guidelines

The quality assurance and documentation guidelines are defined in the DVGW GW130 and GW120 regulations. The product Lovion QUALITY ASSURANCE implements these guidelines and supports companies with data acquisitions and evaluation functions in order to continuously test and verify data quality.


Lovion EASEMENT Administration of Real Estate and Pipeline Legislation

Cables and Pipelines of grid companies are not only situated in municipalities’ and provinces’ road network, but also lie within the borders of private real estate. In order to regulate associated limitations caused by these pipelines, grid companies are required to manage contracts and real estate information. The module Lovion EASEMENT offers BIS an individually designed tool for grid companies to administrate real estate. The associated geospatial context simplifies the handling during the process and is easy to understand.

Lovion TREE Risk Assessments for Tree Locations according to GW 125

Trees situated near supply pipelines create a risk due to their underground root system. The DVGW Arbeitsblatt125 (M) regulates which trees have to be documented and evaluated near the vicinity of supply pipelines. For this purpose, the product Lovion TREE offers an efficient mobile tool for capturing and evaluating trees.

Importante Features

  • Survey workflow without media breaks
  • Applying GW120 and GW130 regulations for data quality assurance
  • Efficient administration of real estate and pipeline regulations
  • Mobile data acquisition and tree evaluations