Document Management based on individual Processes

Database-Supported Administration of digital Documents

Many businesses use Lovion BIS as their central system to manage company assets and to steer technical processes. With Lovion DOCUMENTS, the system offers a process-orientated and integrated solution for storing and administrating electronic documents. Thus, documents can quickly and efficiently be attached to individual measures. In addition, they are accessible at all times. There is also an elegant solution for referencing documents to company assets, for example technical descriptions or photos. Documents can be made available to all employees and are easily retrievable.

Lovion DOCUMENTS - Dokumentenverwaltung

Direct Document Access via Maps

Documents in Lovion DOCUMENTS are georeferenced and can be accessed via the map. They automatically inherit the coordinates of attached geographical objects. For example, a document which is referenced to a company asset, consequently receives the same geographical position and can be used of spatial analysis.

Quick Search Options for Metadata

In Lovion DOCUMENTS, descriptive data concerning documents is managed in a database. Next to a freely configurable keyword definition, the system also manages other metadata such as the name, size or creation date. By evaluating this information, documents can quickly and easily be found. If various objects are referenced to a single document, the system prevents redundancies from occurring. Modifications in a document, which are linked to other objects will automatically be updated for all affected objects.

Easy Handling with Drag & Drop e.g. Emails

Documents can be quickly and easily attached using the drag & drop function in the user interface. If emails from Microsoft Outlook are attached via drag & drop, data regarding their author and subject are made available. This information can be used for search and filter functions.

Important Features

  • Georeferenced document access
  • Document attachments for process-orientated objects (e.g. tasks and projects)
  • Document attachments referenced to assets
  • Document metadata management
  • Filter functions to easily find documents
  • Easy-to-use drag & drop functions for Outlook email attachments
  • Multiple objects can be linked to single documents

Project Reports