Our strategy

Platform for information and processes

Operating equipment (grids, installations and meters) are at the centre of all operating processes of a grid operator.

Our Lovion BIS software provides a modular product landscape that can be tailored to the individual needs of our customers. The key is that all users have access to the information they need at all times. An integrated information solution for operating equipment, commercial information and processes is therefore a central component of the Lovion strategy.

Over the years, the Lovion system has acquired enormous professional breadth. It is not only successfully used in the areas of networks, plants, meters and power plants, but also covers all the common divisions of network operators with solutions for gas, water, heat, electricity, lighting, sewers, telecommunications and facility management.

The operational processes of a network operator have many points of contact. Strategic network management influences renewal strategies just as much as construction measures and network connections do. The use of a central platform for the operational processes thus represents a significant simplification, as technical questions do not even arise during process integration. This contributes to a reduction in costs in the software landscape.

To ensure that the system can be used by all those involved in the process, Lovion supports iOS and android in addition to the Windows operating system, so that it can be used on smartphones and tablets with an APP. Moreover, it offers the possibility to work on any end device via browser over the internet.

  • Focus on operating equipment
  • Central information solution
  • Flexible platform for all processes