Meter Management Extension, New Installations, Periodic Replacements and Meter Reading

Rollout von iMSys intelligenten Messsystemen und mME modernen Messeinrichtungen

The classical metering service for utility companies already comprises a large number of processes for devices in various degrees of complexity. For electricity, new challenges have arisen through the introduction of the compulsory rollout of smart meters (iMSys and mME). As a result, the number of installations, as well as the information complexity, increases, for example by pairing meters and gateways. Furthermore, new digital and complex devices unleash even more extensive outage management processes.

In Lovion, various tasks related to the device can be managed and carried out efficiently. Mobile processing is a fundamental part of the solution as well as incorporating external service providers.

  • Smart meter rollout (mME, iMSys, Gateway-Pairing)
  • Meter installation
  • Meter replacement, modification, removal
  • Gateway and meter disruptions
  • Meter blocking / unblocking
  • Meter reading (modern measuring system)
  • Sampling methods (meter and gateways calibrated)

Kickstarting Tasks in conjunction with the Enterprise System (SAP and others)

Meter processes are managed in Lovion via tasks. The initial information of the work order, for example modifying to iMSys or mMe, usually originates from systems such as SAP IS-U or SAP IM4G. Service instructions for devices are created through a notification. The SAP notification is transmitted to Lovion where it is evaluated. Depending on the notification type, a corresponding task is automatically created in Lovion.

Operational Planning in Lovion DISPATCH

The operational planning is done in Lovion DISPATCH and encompasses technicians as well as external service providers. Both are assigned tasks. Lovion DISPATCH offers an interactive planning board, the GANTT-diagram, where the tasks and resources are displayed in an overview. The planning is done using Drag-and-drop with the mouse. Unassigned tasks in the list can easily be shifted into the GANTT-Diagramm. The workload capacity for tasks is displayed in a separate area. The result of the operational planning, for example, employees with tasks, timeframes (appointment/deadline) are saved within the task. The technician receives these tasks on his or her mobile device including the above information.


Mobile Processing

Mobile processing is possible on laptops, tablets or smartphones. Meter management services usually use smartphones or tablets supported by iOS (Apple) and Android systems. Staff are presented allocated tasks in an easily comprehensible to-do list which are shown for the day and the current week. Progress in processing of tasks can be recorded without network connection (offline) to avoid dependence on the availability of cellular networks. A connection to the server is established automatically as soon as a cellular network is in reach thereby updating the state of processing a task promptly to operations planning.

Automatic Data Collection of devices and measurements

In meter services, especially in regards to the smart meter rollout, data of numerous devices has to be recorded. One example is the pairing of gateways and meters by a gateway administrator. In order for the pairing to succeed, information about the allocation of meter to gateway to measuring location is required.

Lovion can scan serial numbers as well as carry out measurements on mobile devices. Electronic meters can be linked using an optocoupler and the meter stand of mechanical meters can be read using automatic image recognition.

List of Equipment for Plausibility Checks

Mobile places of work include access to an SAP IS-U retrieved list of valid equipment, which serves for plausibility tests of serial number inputs, typically via a bar code scan. In addition to equipment, plausibility tests can be performed for other inputs, for instance meter readings are validated against a prognosticated value. In addition, a photo of the meter reading is taken for most readings.

Important Features

  • SAP IM4G Support (Intelligent Metering for German Energy Utilities)
  • Digital records of checks and forms for mobile processing
  • Photos of meter readings for documentation
  • Mobile processing on smartphones, tablets and laptops
  • Reporting of times and materials
  • Support for bar code and QR-code recognition
  • Plausibility check of data input
  • Confirmation of processes by digital signatures
  • Optimal planning of resources
  • Timely synchronization of data recorded on the move